Wikileaks Document Reveals a “Secret US Base on the Moon” (VIDEO)

A US government document that was released by WikiLeaks reveals the US has a base on the moon that soviets allegedly destroyed. Myself and CE founder Joe Martino explore not only the document but the overwhelming evidence that supports the idea that the US indeed has a base on the moon and still might. We also explore the idea that we may not be the only ones up there. All documents and evidence of what we spoke about are linked in this detailed article for those who enjoy reading.  To see the specific Wikileaks document we are discussing, you can click here.

The idea that something strange may be happening on the Moon is not far fetched at all. In fact, given all of the information that’s now available within the public domain on the subject, it’s hard to see how it’s not a fact. We’ll get to some of that information later in this episode.

The episode goes into detail and looks at multiple documents found within the CIA’s electronic reading room about bases on the moon, plans for building bases on the moon, and studies also showing there are existing structures on the dark side of the moon that may have been build by ‘someone else.’

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