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To “V” or not to “V”| Story Stewart

That is the question. Maybe it’s crazy. Maybe it’s stupid to start a personal clean living campaign before the holidays. I could regret it. But, in the interest of transparency and accountability, here goes!

Today, I become a vegetarian. I am starting to cut out the middle man (cow, turkey, chicken, etc.) and begin chewing my own food. You see, my delicious burger, starts with a cow eating a plant. I’ve decided, to eat the plant instead of the cow.

You might be asking, “Story? How on earth did you come to this decision?”

Two short answers? Vanity. Health.

Vanity — because I’m tired of squeezing into my clothes. The little black dress is now a size large, rapidly approaching a big black moo-moo. I have nothing against a large. I just feel uncomfortable in my own skin and at a weight that shall not be disclosed here, I’m 20 pounds over my fighting weight…the biggest I have ever been. Well, it’s all out there now.

Health — because I have a weird incurable condition called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), which means periodically my hand thinks it’s on fire, and my tendons (due to inflammation and aging) seem to be incapable of functioning the way God intended. At 59, I’m NOT (I repeat) NOT going out like this.

I’ve now watched several documentaries, read a few books and consulted with the lone family expert who, despite my juvenile eye rolling during every family get together, has radically changed her life agreeing to take me on as a project.

“It’s not a diet. It’s a way of living,” she shared.

Rae is not obnoxious about her choice. But, no bullshit, you know where she stands.

With Rae’s coaching, I’ve chosen to make this my hill to “live” on and not force others to change. I hereby solemnly swear, I will not enroll or badger my unsuspecting family or try to convince anyone that tofu “taste just like chicken.”

I’ll be my own experiment, although coincidently, I’ve just had my bloodwork done and an MRI confirming yet again another torn tendon. We’ll see in 90 days where I am from baseline.

If you want to support me, keep me in your thoughts, prayers and hide the cheeseburgers when I visit.

If you want to join me, ping me at: I’m happy to create a V-Tribe to share recipes, knowledge, and provide encouragement.

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