Start Your MorningsWith Apple Cider Vinegar And Don’t Look Back

Photo by Sarah Gualtieri on Unsplash

I’ve been a committed Apple Cider Vinegar drinker for years. It started as me trying to grasp some kind of control of my out of whack hormones and intense hormonal acne. The magpie in me was looking for the shiny elements of the product that were going to make the biggest visible difference. Boy did I get what I bargained for, in fact above and beyond. My magic potion to get rid of the spots that had lingered on the south of my face for years, progressed into much more than that. It’s become a staple in my cupboard that I can’t imagine I’ll stop using any time soon.

It changed my skin – drastically

It was the reason I purchased the product in the first place. Sure it had a long list of other benefits which all sounded amazing. It goes without saying I don’t want to deal with diabetes and high blood pressure at any point in life, but being the 17 year old kid trying to battle her insecurities, all I focussed on was the visible difference it was going to make for me, ie I was on a quest for clear skin.

And I got it, a few months in my spots stopped coming through, and if they did it was rare. Before if I woke up to only 2 new spots I’d be like ‘hey, where’s the third?!’. But now, if I woke up to a spot once a week I’d be like ‘hey, what gives?!’. Ah, human nature. Nonetheless, I got what was hoping for.

The boxes it ticked off that I didn’t know existed

My digestion. That’s right, this liquid gold (it’s more of a murky yellow/brown) had managed to help battle my life long stomach and digestion issues. Not wholly, but I mean it’s taken a pretty great crack at it, and I’m loving all the changes. No more bloat after I so much as look at anything with a gram of carbs?! Yes please!

I was looking like a glazed doughnut on a day full of salads

Not to toot my own horn, but my skin seemed to be radiating. Sure, it could’ve just been the fact that it was no longer red and irritated by the never ending supply of acne my skin seemed to be constantly pumping out, but I like to think it was more than that. I had a glow to my face that almost looked like youth. Okay, I was young, but now my skin seemed to match my age for a change, and that was a more than welcomed treat I wasn’t expecting.

Ultimately, it feels like Apple Cider Vinegar flushes out all the toxins from the system, probably because the vile taste is enough to scare anything away! But horrible taste or not, this staple has been a part of my daily routine for years now, and I can’t see that changing anytime soon.

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