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How many of you have had or have the fun cold that is going around? I currently have it. It began last Sunday and it was clear by Monday evening that I would lose my voice. That happened by Tuesday morning. So now I have the full on nasal congestion, cough and fatigue to go along with a full blown cold.

Home Remedies

I don’t know about you but I can not take all the medicine out there on the market. Take this to dry you up and this to make it come out and this to meet somewhere in the middle. It is a game of take this or that until the miserable symptoms go away. The reality is most colds are viral in nature and what that means is you do address the symptoms. Some colds turn into something that later need antibiotics but thankfully most just need to run their course. What that means for you and me is that there is no magic cure. Oh sure you can take vitamin c and elderberry and they are said to help shorten a cold by boosting the immune system but how is it the symptoms still come? That’s a good question, I am glad you asked! Reality is, there is no magic cure, we can and do take those items to help with boosting our immune system and it does, but it just lessens the symptoms or helps to shorten how long the cold stays.


So, I took the vitamin c and the elderberry zinc cough drops but I still got worse. I woke up unable to speak and it has been 5 days of sounding somewhere between a young teen going through puberty to a total whisper. Whispering reminds me of my dad but that is a hole other article.

Onto home remedies. I have eaten/drank the soup, with hot pepper in it, consumed ginger, and tea! Oh boy I am floating from tea. I have rested my voice and only whisper, even when it feels like I could speak. I have kept myself hydrated and napped. I have taken the hot showers, this helps the congestion! I have sipped on something or had cough drops to keep my throat moist. I have not gargled but I have had teaspoons of honey. Make tes with honey and ginger, some even say suck directly on ginger. Um ouch, no thank you. Have you put raw ginger on your tongue? HAWT! Ouch, so I will stick to teas. That helps with sinus congestion and boosts the immune system.

I also struggle with the red ouchie nose from blowing it so much. Let’s add insult to injury, yup sore nose and chapped lips. My boys are struggling with it too! Thankfully I have lusciously moisturizing lip balm that we can all use. We use it on our lips but also our sore noses. No home remedy for the chapped lips, pure coconut oil to seaweed to bring those chapped lips and noses back to life! At least there is one good thing to come of this cold, now my boys love the lip balm too.

I hope you caught all those suggestions for cold remedies, I listed them as I mentioned what I did for myself. If you want to learn about happier things and follow me in my FB VIP page, click here!

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