Is the food you are eating causing you stress? – Jasna Kosovac

A lot of people go plant-based to lose weight. Still others recognise the all-over physical and mental health benefits that this plant-based eating regimen offers. Your heart gets healthy, your skin and hair as well, all of your organs say “thank you” for going plant-based.

But there is also another significant factor: Stress reduction.

We are all too familiar with stress. It seems to multiply daily. But do you know how much our poor eating habits contribute to our stress?!? Yes. It takes an enormous toll.

Nutritional stress is a relatively new term and refers to stress created by food because of its unhealthy properties.

Most of us know these foods well.
They are the ones that the average person eats every day, filling up on empty calories, human-made chemicals, toxins and poisons, as opposed to healthy nutrition.

When our bodies are poorly fed, stress takes an even higher toll on our health. A significant source of stress on our bodies is not eating enough natural, unprocessed foods rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, high-quality protein, fibre, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and good bacteria (probiotics). Without these building blocks of nutrition, the body lacks the components it needs to fully and effectively regenerate. The effect is a weaker, less resilient body and more stress, of course.

On the contrary, when you give yourself all of the nutrition your body needs, something magical happens … your stress out less frequently.

The plant-based diet approach gives your body all the nutrition, minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients it needs. Food and proper nutrition provide much-needed energy, vitamins and minerals to counter the adverse effects of stress while offering a protective barrier for the future. So you naturally stress less.

By adopting a whole food plant-based diet you can turn back your biological clock, have boundless energy, look and feel healthy all over, and reduce the damage that stress can cause in your life.

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