Peace and Healing from Pain through Hypnosis Audios

The reality of chronic pain is never knowing when you will have a good day. The pain touches everything from your body and mind to your work and relationships. It affects how you eat and sleep and even how you manage your hygiene. Chronic pain can rob you of your peace of mind.

It affects about one out of five American adults and between 10 and 14 percent of adults in the U.K. According to estimates, about 20 percent of adults worldwide suffer from pain, and another 10 percent are diagnosed every year with chronic pain, according to the World Health Organization. Pain is a growing public health issue with few effective, long-term treatments. If you are suffering from chronic pain, hypnosis audio for pain might just offer you the peace of mind you deserve.

Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. When you touch a hot pot or step on a shard of glass, an automatic response stops you from doing any further damage. Chronic pain is different. Chronic pain continues even after the cause is resolved or when there is no obvious body damage, disease or illness.

Chronic pain is often linked to conditions such as:

· Nerve pain or neuropathy

· Headache

· Arthritis

· Cancer

· Back pain

· Fibromyalgia

This kind of pain can be complex to manage, and the toll it takes on your life can be serious. You might be at risk of serious long-term complications, including:

· Anxiety and depression

· Difficulty sleeping or insomnia

· Inability to keep up with work

· Falling behind at home

· Struggling to stay involved socially or personally

· Interpersonal problems with friends or intimate relationships

· Financial instability

Unfortunately, there are few effective treatments for chronic pain and its complications, and the medications often come with the risks of side effects and possible addiction.

Hypnosis offers an alternative. Hypnosis for pain relief can be used in addition to other treatments and can enhance your quality of life. It can offer a chronic pain sufferer freedom from the stress and anxiety that so often accompany pain and provide peace of mind.

Hypnosis for pain relief can help you minimize distractions, heighten concentration and respond to suggestions that help you improve your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. It will not make you act against your moral code. Instead, you will learn to tap into your subconscious mind and your body’s natural healing powers.

While hypnosis has been used for many years, researchers have only recently been unlocking its powers. Scientists have found that hypnosis can be powerfully effective when used as hypno-analgesia. According to a review of several controlled clinical studies, hypnosis for pain management has been linked to a reduction of:

· Pain

· Nausea and vomiting

· The need for sedatives or pain relievers

· The length of hospital stays

It has also been associated with:

· Better overall outcomes

· Greater physiological stability

· Higher patient satisfaction ratings

According to the same review, hypno-analgesia might be superior to other more conventional treatments for pain. A meta-analysis found that the majority of people who had different types of pain achieved significant relief by using hypnotic analgesia, and it was effective for both acute and chronic pain.

Researchers from Brown University found that the brain has a remarkable ability to adjust the intensity of the pain we experience. It can block distracting sensory information and filter out unwanted sensations, such as chronic pain.

Hypnosis for pain management can help you get control of your pain by focusing on other facets of your experience and reframing your pain. You can even learn how to calm or stop the fight-or-flight stress response, which can aggravate pain, and release the negative emotions surrounding your pain.

At UpNow, we partner with you in your healing journey and will help you find the right hypnosis downloads to resolve your pain and find the peace of mind you deserve. Check out our site today to learn more or to get started.

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