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Sitting in a quiet ramen noodle restaurant, wearing cargo pants, a t-shirt, and a snapback, you’d never know you were sitting next to millionaire entrepreneur, Evan Spencer. At 32 years old, owning four businesses and counting, he never seems to be slowing down.

Evan Spencer

Born and raised in California, Spencer seemed to have a promising future. Being a straight-A student at Costa Mesa High School, receiving a full ride to the University of Pacific for water polo; on the outside that seemed like a clear route to success.

Trapped underneath all that success, stood a depressed teenager struggling with the high pressures from his parents, as well as the loss feeling of not knowing what he aspired to do with his life. Defeated by the burden, Spencer dropped out of the University of Pacific with only one year left.

Spencer then moved around from job to job, constantly taking in new lessons from each opportunity. After moving to a startup company working in pharmaceuticals, he quickly moved up the ranks becoming VP, working side by side with the owner.

At 25 he was taking in $25–30,000 a month, changing Spencer’s life and lifestyle completely. Sadly 2 years later, after finding out his boss conducted shady dealings, everything to fall apart.

“With $200 left to my name, I had to start over,” Spencer said, “I struggled for 8 months, going out on my own, trying to network with everyone I knew to help me fund my own startup.”

In 2015, Spencer found a reliable partner to help him start his business. Creating his own pharmaceutical company, wholesaling HIV medication directly to pharmacies.

Within two years, his company grew to 12 employees. He decided alongside his pharmacy business he would start investing in the cannabis industry.

“It took a whole year and a half to break even on a $2-million-dollar investment,” Spencer said, “We had a lot of fails, each fail meant a $50–80,000 loss, we faced seven of those in the first year.”

After learning his lesson, Spencer opened a second cannabis company in 2018 that took eight months to become profitable.

In 2018, seeing his pharmaceutical business growing, Spencer decided to open his own pharmacy in Palm Springs, where a lot of patients were located. He no longer needed to be the middleman between supply and demand. Spencer, having to wait over a year for a pharmacy license focused on another business avenue; men’s health.

Along with the pharmacy, he planned on opening up a men’s health clinic to provide discreet wellness care for HIV, STDs and hormone therapy. Before the health clinic could open, Spencer’s pharmacy business got hit with a huge setback.

In June of 2019, only two months after Spencer received a pharmacy license. He received news that the reimbursement tables for Medicaid and Medi-Cal changed, causing the independent pharmacy chain to crash. Ruining his pharmacy, as well as his men’s health clinic.

After being forced to walk away from a $300,000 investment that was two years in the making, Spencer gives himself two weeks to wallow before he’s back with his team ready to go onto the next job.

“I took a step back and saw all the positive things that came out of those two years,” Spencer said, “All the help we provided and the good people I got to meet. Overall, it was a great lesson learned.”

With the current success of his cannabis business and recently acquiring a vending machine business, Spencer had some financial comfort to create new startups.

Instead of wasting the space of the men’s health clinic, Spencer and his team took three months to pivot it into a medical spa, “EnVe California Aesthetics.” Where you can receive laser treatments, Botox, fillers, or facials; he already sent out special deals for his soft opening for December before officially opening in January.

While Spencer put the finishing touches on EnVe, he and his team have already started working on two new projects, Stem Cell treatments, and a skincare line.

Spencer puts all his dedication into his projects, he believes in his startups and looks forward to watching them grow. Today, he currently runs three businesses; EnVe California Aesthetics his medical spa, The LV Co., his vending machines, Green Street, his cannabis company. Soon to be starting Amphora, his Stem Cell company, and Glow Gang, his skincare line.

“It’s not about the money,” Spencer said, “It’s about the passion of creating jobs and an environment where people are happy to come to work.”

After speaking with Spencer about his life, personal and work, it’s clear that he is an innovative, dedicated, ambitious, and overall compassionate person.

He bought out his friends vending machine business because he knew he needed help, in doing that he created jobs for two of his close friends, who he knew needed work. He’s always looking to create new opportunities so he can make a difference in others’ lives.

It’s inspiring to hear Spencer’s story, it teaches us the valuable lesson of getting back up after a fall.

He’s a true role model.

Even after dropping out of school, constantly getting set back after set back, he never ventured away from his goals.

Now, he is the friend people are reaching out to for business advice or financial help, and he’s always there to help a friend in need.

The biggest message that Spencer couldn’t emphasis enough, “If you let failures stop you, you’ll never get where you want to go.”

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