Take Loving Charge of Your Life. – Judith A. Swack, Ph.D.

Danielle worked as a scientist at the NIH. Her boss agreed to be her PhD. faculty advisor at a local university. To satisfy him and the requirements for a student loan she took 4 courses per semester, worked 6 days a week in the lab, and spent every evening and Sundays doing homework. Three months later Danielle experienced continuous sharp stabbing pains in her stomach. The doctors could find nothing wrong and suggested antacids. When interviewed, the part of Danielle that was generating the stabbing pains said it wanted her to quit graduate school because she was only eating one meal a day and not getting enough sleep. The stabbing pain stopped instantly when Danielle promised to eat 3 meals a day and get 8 hours of sleep every night regardless of unfinished homework.

In our busy world of ambitious people and out of balance lives, we often forget to take care of our bodies, our creative or artistic or musical or adventurous sides, our inner child selves, etc. People raised in dysfunctional families find it even harder to function in life because they often do not form strong healthy internal adults. They experience life as children in adult bodies, faking it. Sometimes the inner children run the show even though they are not equipped to do this. In addition, the inner child parts don’t trust the inner adult and are constantly looking for someone else to be their parent, take care of them and tell them what to do.

Over time I realized that beyond needing to develop into a mature healthy (internal) adult, you need to actually be the boss, i.e. the CEO of your life. You need to take charge of all aspects of your life in a loving, nurturing, attentive way. Coordinating your conscious mind, unconscious mind, and body with your soul, you need to plot the course of your life, hold the vision, and acquire resources to enable all parts of yourself to do their jobs, etc. A good CEO creates a company culture in which every person is a valued member. The CEO is the one responsible for making things happen and for the quality of your life. When there is no responsible CEO it creates internal feelings of anxiety, betrayal, and abandonment.

In reaction, the parts of you that feel uncared for can generate a variety of seemingly inexplicable emotional, physical, behavioral, mental, and spiritual symptoms including body pain, headaches, acid reflux, depression, anxiety, and isolation. When we interview these parts to find out what they need from the person, the requests are surprisingly simple and easy to accommodate. Such requests include stop insulting yourself, take care of basic body needs, listen to music, have more fun, take time to create, etc. Once the person hears these parts out and agrees to do what they ask, the symptoms spontaneously disappear!

Go inside and ask yourself: (If you know how, also muscle test the answers to all the questions.)
1. “Are there any parts of you that feel that you don’t love or care about them?” If yes: * “Are any of these inner child parts?” If yes, “Do they want somebody else to be their parent besides you?” * “Are any of these other kinds of parts besides inner child parts?” If yes, how many and what parts are they?
2. Where in your body are these parts located?
3. Interview each part (the inner child parts may be interviewed as a group) and ask, * “Why do you (parts) feel that he/she (client) doesn’t love or care about you? What is it he/she does or doesn’t do that makes you feel that way.” List the reasons.
4. “What are the reactions and symptoms — emotional, physical, behavioral, mental, spiritual, or other that these parts are causing because of this problem?” List them.
5. “What would he/she (client) have to do or not do to convince you (parts) that he/she really does love and care about you?” List them.
6. Ask yourself, “Will you now commit to doing what these parts ask of you?”
7. “Do you have all the skills, resources, and capabilities that you need to do what these parts of you need in order to convince them that you do love and care about them?” The answer is usually yes.
8. Go do it.

What is HBLU™?

HBLU™ is an innovative, rapid, and powerful new mind/body/spirit healing methodology developed by Judith A. Swack, Ph.D., a Biochemist/Immunologist, Master NLP Practitioner, Mind/Body Healer, and leader in the field of Energy Psychology. HBLU™ integrates biomedical science, psychology, hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming, applied kinesiology, and other energy psychology techniques with original research on the structure of complex damage patterns. HBLU™ is so effective because:
1. The client’s deepest wisdom guides the healing,
2. It has menus of well characterized patterns and effective healing techniques,
3. It clears blocks to success at the conscious, unconscious, body, and soul levels.

HBLU™ helps people rapidly achieve the results they want to live full, happy, healthy, and satisfying lives. Maybe it can help you, too.

Dr. Swack and her associates work with individual clients in person, by phone or Skype. Healing from the Body Level Up™, Inc. is located at 56 Pickering St. Needham, MA 02492.

Call our office at 781–444–6940 to book a free 15-minute consultation.

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For professional training, go to To see what else HBLU can do for you visit our website

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