Curveballs create disturbances in societies and humans alike

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For some, life is a cakewalk. Certain people get a lucky stick with few hardships or obstacles.

But in reality, many are struggling for there lives, trying to pay bills and feed their families.

The top 1% of Americans want to live in luxury, but the blinding effect is an illusion at its best.

Most of our population is starving, dying from a disease, or blind-sighted by our government’s laws.

How many times has our world knocked us down?

In all honesty, how easy is it to swallow the pill of challenge?

What battles either internal or external need fighting, mending, or healing?

Isn’t this a tiring existence we live. Believing we have won when we spend thousands of dollars on meaningless items that fill our lives with junk and leave our hearts empty.

Is our existence about power and oppression only?

Where we swallow our fellow humans to get ahead, strip others of there rights to make a dollar, and drown the population in depression.

We are headed towards another great depression. But nobody wants to speak up and share the pain, struggle and suffering behind closed doors.


Our societies and social media have taught us to lie about our lives, struggle alone while crying ourselves to death.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, severe depression is one of the most common mental disorders in the United States. Nearing 11 million people with this condition in 2017.

Now, how about suicides?

In the United States of America, our population as of 2019 is 328,531,642. There are 47,126 recorded suicides. Per every 6,971 people, there is a suicide in the U.S. alone. That’s a very deprecating statistic.

According to the World Population Review, in 2019 they give a breakdown of statistics per state in America. Below are detailed charts showing the population vs. suicide number and suicide numbers per state.

2019 U.S. Population vs. Suicide Number
2019 U.S. Suicide Number per State

After looking at these charts how do you feel?

Many people are struggling to survive and some only find the answer in leaving by choice. This is a horrible way to showcase the severity of what our nation is creating for us. But it’s a truth that needs to be acknowledged.

How should we unite our communities so we can save our fellow humans from leaving us before it’s time?

Here are five ways we can come together to make a difference.

Establish Community Support Systems

Develop Productive & Applicable Tools for Mental Health

Create Non-Judgemental Societies

At every stage in life, there are going to be inevitable uphill and down spiraling battles. How we choose to deal with these situations matters. Some challenges leave us stronger, while others leave us scratching the surface to survive.

Many people know someone who has left us before there time. Some we knew in passing, and some are more intimately known. The sad truth is there are signs when someone is crying for help.

How closely are we looking at the people and faces in our societies?

According to psycom, there are several signs when someone is in need. Read below to become better educated.

Behavioral Signals

Behavioral changes are the easiest to identify if one is close to another individual who is suffering.

Isolation & Non-Communication

Possession Elimination & Internet Searches on Suicide

Increased Aggression & Recklessness

Increased Drug and Alcohol Usage

Emotional Indications

Emotional warnings are amongst the hardest to pinpoint, but one can see them coming if some of these character traits start to manifest.

Depression & Lack of Interest

Irritability & Anger

Anxiety & Shame

Mood Swings & Frustrations

Verbal Warnings

A verbal cue can be missed if not listening. Note, the meaning of language can be perceived in different ways.

Killing Themselves

No Purpose in Life

Feeling like a Burden & Stuck

Limited Existence

Children’s Cues

Parents with children may not notice the effects internal and external influences have on a child.

Experience Bullying & Physical, Emotional or Sexual Abuse

Death near Individual

Mental Health in Personal or Family History

Confused Sexual Orientation

Many associations are alerting us to understand another person’s situation. If we are present when another is having a hard time in life, it could be time to step in and offer support.

Try to communicate more effectively with other people. Many don’t showcase the shadows of themselves. Bringing joy and light to other’s life is a simple task. It starts by asking then listening with the heart.

Here are a few risk factors you may, or may not be aware of about somebody else…

Risk Factors

History of Substance Abuse

Access to Firearms

Difficult Life Events

Isolation from Others

History of Mental Illness

History of Physical or Sexual Abuse

Having a Terminal or Chronic Illness

Past Suicide Attempts

People have said it takes a small village to raise a child, but it takes an entire race to create harmonious communities.

No ONE misfortune is worth sacrificing a life. If there are several misfortunes don’t live in FEAR of more. Don’t be afraid to see your truth and ask for support.

Live with love, and share your heart, because many need this unconditional love. Each person has something beautiful to offer this world.

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