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Fullmerite, the opposite of Kryptonite.

Today Paul Fullmer’s wife Sandra informed legions of his fans that Paul is struggling with pneumonia and under hospice care.

The long time head of Selz/Seabolt, a Chicago public relations company, Paul hired me to lead the company’s Washington, DC office.

He is a gentle, firm man, an extraordinarily thoughtful strategist, writer, and editor. Paul is the smart affable type of boss few have the good luck to work with.

Occasionally, I flew into Chicago for meetings. If the timing was right, Paul would invite me to lunch with a few personal friends.

Not surprisingly, because Chicago is such a big-time sports-infused kind of town, even before the waiter could take our orders, there would begin a discussion of the latest rumors about the Cubs, Bears, Blackhawks, Bulls and, especially Paul’s beloved Notre Dame.

One day a new topic arose … aging. That was the day I became a Fullmerite, a follower of Fullmer.

Kryptonite, you might remember, is an alien mineral that drains Superman of his powers.

Fullmerite is a concept that has the power of making anyone a super man.

What Paul projected was to enjoy life as much as you can, do the best you can, and most of all, be a nice person. It can be empowering.

Paul Fullmer is a very nice man.

I love that guy.

George Kroloff

Paul and Sandra Fullmer (center) pose with Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer during an annual meeting of the American Society of Golf Course Architects. Sandra is a world class golfer.
(Photo courtesy of Paul and Sandra Fullmer)

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