The Juciest Story Ever: Why you Need to Juice – Melody Johnson

Photo by Alicia Petresc from Unsplash

When I was at Allison’s house, I failed to tell you about how I was not feeling well. The day before, I ate two tacos that gave me severe indigestion. I thought I was going to die. I did not want to get sick, so I remained quiet for the first hour at her house.

Photo by TJ Dragotta from Unsplash

Allison asked me why I was so quiet. I explained how terrible I felt and what happened. Dagnabbit. Never will I eat from a taco truck again.

She had made tacos for us too. Vegan tacos. Ugh, at that point, I did not want anything heavy cause my body was already experiencing some digestion issues.

Allison understood why I now avoided the kitchen area!

Harvard Medical School states that juicing aids in having healthy bowel movements. I know.. It’s not the most pleasant thing to bring up. If your body is not getting rid of toxins, we feel terrible, and our bodies cannot move forward.

Your body works hard to break down fiber. It uses LOTS of energy to break down even meat (Two days, yes, it takes two days to break down meat).

So, if your body is working hard to digest food (or get rid of waste), it takes away from repairing damage within the body.

So, I had some bad beef.

Allison asked me a series of questions and told me to come to the kitchen. Even when was the last time I drank water.

I put my head on the counter. It took her 3 minutes to make this juice and took me 15 minutes to feel better.

She also shared how digestion affects our health…next reason why to juice…

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