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Church And State

Disclaimer — -The following isn’t a news report. This is opinion developed from many sources, some of which are included for transparency, clarity and rebuttal and is the Free Speech that shares ideas.

Church And State….

May one set the stage by requesting universal religious respect, and by mentioning this seems to be a foundation of the US Constitution? — —

The Religious Right is self-defined as expansive in the US government. Politicians and bureaucrats in the US government have informed We The People it will “run like a business”. This seems uncomfortable in our democratic (small d) Constitutional republic, but hierarchy is quite notable in many organized religions of all type. Subjugation of women is also notable in some religions. And so patriarchy continues to protect itself — —

The US Constitution is the law. Religion is a personal choice. Dovetailing the two will inevitably violate human, civil, and environmental rights.

Religion is an interesting topic, and in the USA it seems to manifest as political policy as evidenced by participation of the Religious Right in our government that is now “run like a business”. This implies a bait-and-switch between saving souls and making money — ——Democrats onstage Tuesday night at the CNN/Des Moines Register debate in Iowa were challenged repeatedly by moderators on the cost of major plans like Sen. Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All — scrutiny that was missing in the first half hour when the questions focused on endless war and a potential attack on Iran.

“Wonder if CNN asked how much going to potential war with Iran cost?” asked artist Karla Ortiz. — end of commondreams info —

Children are of decreasing importance as evidenced when war takes precedence in importance among government bureaucrats and politicians, rather than the Climate Change Crisis — –—In a ruling taken as a devastating blow for climate campaigners worldwide, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in the United States on Friday afternoon threw out a lawsuit brought by 21 youth plaintiffs who accused the U.S. government of failing its constitutional mandate by refusing to act urgently and responsibly to address the existential threat of human-caused global warming. — end of commondreams info — –

If the government has no responsibility of protecting the future for children on the topic of the Climate Change Crisis, the government is surely no longer of, by and for The People. And so The People are taking democratic (small d) action, which is a sort of government that does relate to “of, by and for The People” — –—Over the next nine months, we identified three core areas to target: plastics and consumption; food, agriculture and water; and energy and transportation. The ten of us imagined, researched, brainstormed, held two sessions to collect input from our natural allies and finally got down to the business of organizing the activities and displays of our Launch Event weekend. — -end of transitionus info — –

So does this imply a dual government forming in the USA which can be imagined as a rogue government “run like a business”, alongside the government of, by and for The People with actively participating citizens who seem to support principles of a democratic (small d) Constitutional republic.

Trade agreements that ignore the future of children should be questioned — ——- — Senators Schumer and Gillibrand voted no to a Trade Agreement that further harms We The People. — -end of thehill info — –—–First and foremost, under the Constitution, only Congress has the power to declare war. No declaration of war with Iran has been issued. As Trump himself has conceded, the U.S. does not want an all-out war. — -end of laprogressive info — — Too many of We The People have forgotten the Constitution is the law.

Disregard toward nature and humanity undermines the health of each, as the capitalistic hierarchical Establishment continues to build out a technological morass that is beyond that Establishment’s moral foundation. The result is a vibrant commercial exploitation of nature and humanity as profiteering grows at the expense of a health care system that is also about profit rather than health, with We The People picking up the tab. Consider the juxtaposition of the cynical build-out of the 5G network that seems as troublesome in 2020 as was the cigarette advertising industry in years past — –

Boomers participated in the devastation of the environment and humanity over decades, largely due to advertising, in one person’s view. The indoctrination was effective. American young people can be aware of the power of capitalistic hierarchical Establishment to influence society, and choose to be proactive….or not. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. So many boomers smoked cigarettes due to encouragement from actors, politicians, the medical industry and industrial leaders. Ignorance doesn’t forestall harm. But young people today, if they have anything, have information.

Religion is especially dovetailed with politics for important reasons. Control is easier, and one recognizes exploitation by patriarchy that especially presumes this combination that is seriously erroneous in the US where separation of state and church is vital. These are reasons the system of capitalism includes hierarchy, is promoted by patriarchy, and uses religion as its tool. One received the following to be made available to anyone who cares — — –

Below are the website and facebook announcements for a January 26 livestream socialist feminist panel organized by the Alliance of MENA Socialists. We would appreciate it if you could post the facebook events page on your facebook page and share it with your friends.

In Solidarity,

Alliance of MENA Socialists

Website link:

Facebook events page:

— — — — end of general information about Women from MENA — —

On the topic of promoting freedom and equality, relevant is CELDF — — — Democracy School in Ireland….seems like “spreading democracy around the globe”. The grassroots effects from CELDF in actual promotion of democracy is more influential than was the tired rhetoric of past so-called leaders who used The Military-Industrial Complex to so-called “spread democracy around the globe” at gunpoint; which seems more nearly imperialism.—-The Grassroots Level: We are the Origin of Government, Episode 3

One doesn’t imagine a greater terror than a domestic-violence situation in which the so-called home harbors guns. Ya wanna see patriarchy…..*.

*—Ratification in Virginia, however, is far from the end of the fight over the ERA. Congress set a deadline of 1982 for states to ratify the amendment, meaning Virginia’s decision comes almost 40 years too late.

— — end of portside info — –

The Census is another way for We The People to manifest our presence and viability — –—According to the US constitution, all residents living in the United States are to be counted every 10 years. The final census count determines seats in Congress, election maps for local and state representatives and the allocation of over $900bn in annual federal spending for the next decade, including $5.6bn for tribal programs. But despite the sprawling impact of the US census, Native Americans have historically been undercounted.

— -end of portside info — –

Patriarchy is a system of control used by both men and women — —

Ilhan Omar


Don’t worry about Bernie, while he fulfills his oath in the Senate we will stump for him in Iowa. His people powered movement won’t miss a beat

— — end of tweet — —

The religion of capitalism benefits from the religion of war — –

Experts predict as many as a million people could die if the current tensions lead to a full-blown war. Millions more would become refugees across the Middle East, while working families across the U.S. would bear the brunt of our casualties.

But there is one set of people who stand to benefit from the escalation of the conflict: CEOs of major U.S. military contractors.

— end of counterpunch info — –

How do the Religious Right characters explain the NAFTA 2 agreement, as they mumble words about their values while putting it to We The People — –

That dry language may sound neutral, but it is the exact language that is standard in “free trade” agreements. This is the language that is invoked by multi-national corporations to demand “damages” anytime any law or regulation that upholds health, safety, worker or environmental standards prevents them from extracting the biggest possible profit. This is the language invoked in the secret tribunals that adjudicate these cases to rule in favor of corporate plunder and against regulations.

When you hear “customary international law,” be afraid

— -end of counterpunch info ——In December 1967, King, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and other conveners laid out their vision for the first Poor People’s Campaign. Seeing how poverty cut across race and geography, these leaders built the campaign into a multiracial effort including African Americans, white Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Native Americans aimed at alleviating poverty for all.

The goal was to lead a massive protest in Washington D.C. demanding that Congress prioritize a massive anti-poverty package that included, among other things, a commitment to full employment, a guaranteed annual income, and more low-income housing. And they wanted to pay for it by ending the Vietnam War.

— -end of counterpunch info — –

Religion was obvious in the 2016 Democratic Presidential campaign as Hillary Clinton was wrapped in the mantle of MLK, Jr., regardless of their different policies, and insinuation was strong about the values-packed Democratic Establishment rhetoric.

The attempt to reinstate validity of principles of our democratic (small d) Constitutional republic, respecting religion of the choice of each individual, and separation of church and state for obvious reasons of free choice and self-governance, are reasons many voters support for President, Bernie Sanders — ——Beautiful New Bernie Sanders Ad Is A Must-Share—Bernie Sanders Beats MSM Gotcha Questions — Show’s The Today Show How It’s Done

If voters supporting Bernie Sanders are again disenfranchised of rights of clean, fair, and free elections, one will vote for Green Party Presidential candidate Howie Hawkins — ——Howie Hawkins — Ecological Socialism vs. Capitalist Exterminism


Some voters in the US were disenfranchised due to Capitalist Party D&R election rigging that is controlled by political Parties. The Capitalist Party R&D, have as their objective, putting in place rules that ensure the candidate choice of a particular Establishment Party is put into office, even against the wishes of the voters.

Please remember political Parties have no standing under the US Constitution, but voters do have standing under the US Constitution. Due to disenfranchisement of 3rd-Party candidates, Bernie Sanders who is an Independent, chooses to run as a Democrat for President. If a voter is a member of a 3rd-Party, and wishes to vote for 3rd-Party politician Bernie Sanders, in the Democratic Primary, that voter may be disenfranchised of his/her Constitutional right of a free and fair election, as happened to a large number of voters in NYS in 2016.

One suspects these disenfranchised voters who may have felt defrauded of their right to vote in the 2016 Democratic Primary, voted for Trump in the 2016 general election. One believes this will happen again, because needless to say, the Capitalist Party R&D prefer chaos in the election system, which is a control mechanism for political Parties with no standing under the US Constitution, while the voters do have standing under the US Constitution. This is an interesting red-herring to wield a control that is not Constitutional.

*****Each state is different as to their voter registration guidelines. Anyone wishing to vote for Bernie Sanders for President in the Democratic Primary, should check to be sure they will not be disenfranchised at the polls, once again in 2020, as in 2016. A voter can easily switch between political Parties, rather than functioning as a captive Party loyalist, to a political Party that is not loyal to the voter. *****

Or one can be registered to vote, without being affiliated to a particular political Party. Please remember, the US Constitution supports free and fair elections for voters, but is blissfully unconcerned about political Parties. That some Americans believe “we are a 2-Party system”, is nothing but propaganda.

*****Be sure to check with your state to register to vote in the Primary according to your wish and by exercising your US Constitutional right to vote.*****

*****One may also advocate for ranked-choice voting, that will expand choices for voters, and provide a greater possibility of free and fair elections.*****


We can do better — — -Credit for this phrase belongs to a fellow financial planner, name to remain private, who expressed this opinion about 30 years ago, and which phrase was so non-threatening, sensible and meaningful, that it has echoed through one’s thoughts ever since. Any similarity of words used currently by public characters is coincidence. The English language has a limited number of words, which generally aren’t patented.

In Solidarity With People And Nature — ;; — Green Black Caucus

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