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I have struggled with weight almost all of my life. I guess this makes me an expert at being obese. It hurts. Nothing worse than not fitting in your clothing or being uncomfortable to take a picture. I totally get it. I also have tried everything to lose weight. This diet and that diet. I have worked out like an olympic athlete. The truth is none of it worked. So what does work? The rest of this article will detail how I have kept my weight down since 2006. I hope it works for you too. It is all free too! I just lost 29lbs since Nov 25, 2019 to Jan 13, 2020, so I am legit and this is how I did it.


Losing weight is hard. It is probably one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Multi-variable calculus is right up their with it 🙂 You have heard no pain no gain. With weight loss it is no different. You are going to feel uncomfortable. You are also going to have cravings. It also takes a serious commitment. I want some chocolate right now! Every human being is addicted to three things: food, water, and breathable air. Losing weight takes commitment. It takes months to lose serious weight and it is slow. You will get weak — Don’t let the cravings beat you.


A weight loss plan requires everyone around you to support you. That means they care about you. Just like a good mentor they should be there to help you out. You also will get pressured by eating companions and friends. Drinking alcohol has to stop during a weight loss program. You cannot lose weight drinking any alcohol. This is very hard. I crave a good scotch, beer, and wine all the time. You will get pressured to drink by your drinking buddies. They will make fun of you are call you names. In 45 days they will envy you. Have someone too lean on when you get down — a loved one to call.


Not all skinny people have been skinny all of their lives. I see gorgeous people that claim to be nutritionists and exercise gods. They probably are and have many qualifications. Many skinny people have been skinny all of their lives. My wife is one of them and so is my son and a few of my siblings. They seem to be able to eat whatever they want and stay skinny. Then there is me: I look at a piece of bread and I put on 5lbs! Losing weight is your problem and advice is great but ask a skinny advice giver if they have ever been clinically obese! If they say no then they have no idea what you are going through. Also the exercise is not going to get you to lose weight. You are not an olympic athlete nor will you ever be one! So skinny gym people are not going to help you. Exercise is great for mind and body but not for weight loss.


Write down everything you eat. Everything you drink other than water or zero calorie drinks. Anything with a calorie gets a journal entry. I used to do it with a notebook but I have found a cool app that works on my iPhone. The name of the app is MyFitnessPal. I use the free version and dont require the paid version. It allows me to log everything I do, eating, drinking, etc. I can even track my weight and it has a calculator for percentage of loss of weight. Why is a journal important: because we don’t realize what we are doing. A few crackers for a snack, an apple, a candy bar, and other eating habits creep up on us. Writing things down allows you to measure your behaviors and control them. One of the biggest reasons you are heavy is because you don’t realize how much you eat and how much you eat is a big factor in losing weight.


It takes time to lose weight! So you are going to have to be your own mental cheerleader. There are some tricks I have learned along the way! I have to psych myself up everyday. I have to resist food and drink everyday. So here is a way I do it! When I want a piece of pizza or a pizza! I say this: do you want that pizza or do you want to fit in your clothes? Do you want that cake or to be able to lose a belt notch. Do you want that beer or do you want clear skin. Not drinking alcohol has huge benefits to your skin and dehydration. Not to mention reducing fatty liver disease. I am not against alcohol at all. I love it. I just love it too much. You are also going to save money too. Get mentally psyched up and be your own cheerleader!


Fancy diets dont work. The keto plan, the caveman plan, the Adkins diet. They are books and plans to make money for their creators. They work for some so if it works for you then great. Everyone is different but for me staying away from carbs and sugar is the only way I can lose weight. There are people that claim differently. You have to find out what works but remember it takes at least 30 days to notice serious weight loss. So here is what I do and it sounds terrible. I cook tiny silver dollar size burgers in bulk. 50–60 of them. I keep them in the fridge and I eat 4 for breakfast, 4 for lunch, and 4 for dinner. I do not put anything on them. I take a multi-vitamin every day. This is all I eat. If I am out and I cant get a burger I get a chicken breast with nothing on it. Also, when you are drinking in social settings go to the bartender and order a water. Throw a lime slice in the the glass and that way people think you are drinking vodka. You will be amazed at how drunk your friends are and what they smell like. It is sort of fun to watch them too. But they stink and so did you. Take it slow you will feel light headed at times. You are really what you eat and if you eat a lot you will be a lot bigger! Calories and portions are everything!


Sure go to your doctor and get a check up. Do that anyway. However, dont listen to people tell you that your new diet is unhealthy. Guess what is unhealthy: being clinically obese, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, fatty liver, and all the other side affects of being heavy. Dont listen to those people. If you are going to lose weight you should go to your doctor every 60 days. Don’t listen to the skinny people or the other heavy people tell you about what is healthy. Intermittent fasting is very good for you. No eating after 8pm and not eating until 8am the following day. If you have the will power go 2 days without eating anything- do it. Drink lots of water. No juice. Juice has tons of calories and sugar. Read up on the benefits of fasting and resting your organs! Keep your log!


The only secret to losing weight is counting calories. So that means you need to cut calories. What I am doing is extreme I am eating between 500–1000 calories a day. Find out what your calorie needs are to maintain your current weight and reduce that amount by 500–1000 calories and do the math. 1lb takes a 3000 calorie deficit. So if you reduce your caloric needs by 1000 calories a day you can expect to lose a pound every 3 days. It’s math! I followed this math and was able to drop 30lbs in 6 weeks.


Weigh yourself every 5 days and always weigh yourself at the same time. I weigh myself in the morning before drinking or eating anything. I also strip down to my undies. That way clothing isn’t a variable. Your body retains water differently throughout the day. You also breathe out a lot of your weight during the night. Fat is burned through respiration; believe it or not you breathe out your fat. Weighing yourself everyday is a sure fire way to get depressed. If you travel a lot on airplanes do not weigh yourself for about 5 days after you land. Track your weight in your journal/log.


Once a month I take a NO RULES DAY! I eat, drink, and participate in the most hedonistic habits I wish! I did this on New Years. I had beer (several), I had cake, I had whiskey, and I had fun! I ate whatever I wanted and how much I wanted. It was awesome! I celebrated being me and my accomplishment. I was down 20lbs. The next day I was hungover and I stayed in bed and didnt leave the house. I fasted for the entire day to get the calories out. I binge watched some NetFlix. I wasn’t sick. I just wanted to get back on track. I generally pick a Saturday(eat like a pig) and Sunday(recover) for act of self hedonism.


The USA is a FOOD Culture! Everything we do is surrounded by food! I think much of the modern world is too. You have got to take a victory lap almost every day! Losing weight has done some awesome things for me. My joints in my hips, knees, and ankles don’t hurt like they did a month or so ago. I read that just losing 10lbs will take 40lbs of pressure off of your legs. My blood pressure is now normal: 111/80 woo hoo. Maybe I can live longer. I fit in my old but awesome clothes. Remember to check your log and also log your weight. Seeing that you have lost 12% of your body weight is a HUGE deal. Take your victory lap by going to the mall and trying on clothing and see the new threads fit! Lift your head up with pride because beating a food addiction is harder than any drug addiction, smoking, and drinking. Put your old fat clothes on and watch em fall down. That is fun! My energy levels are crazy high and so is my confidence!


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