How to Lose Weight Quickly and Permanently

Lose weight quickly and stay slim? Whether with FDH, formula diet or slim pills: But which diet variant leads to success?

Comparing Diets: The 6 Best Diets

Mulled wine, gingerbread and the like leave their mark: the average adult grows a full 1.5 kilograms during Advent. In the New Year, most people say: slim down! Going on a diet is at the top of the list of good resolutions for the new year for every second person, but also shortly before the holidays. A study by the nutrition portal shows that those who want to lose weight have extremely ambitious goals: 5.5 kilos off their hips! But how? We compared the main diets.

1. Low Carb: The trend diet of the stars

Low carb diet is a low carbohydrate diet. Bread, pasta, etc. are reduced. A lot of protein and low-carbohydrate vegetables are on the menu for this. Warning: Fruit has a lot of fructose and is considered a fattening food for low carb fans! Low carb is also popular with the stars: Heidi Klum, Jennifer Lawrence and Angelina Jolie avoid carbohydrates. Nutrition expert Kristin Bothor from “Low carb works temporarily and permanently as a diet change.” Advantage: No one even has to do without pasta. Food researchers invented slim spaghetti with just 14 kilocalories per serving!

Losing weight effect: half a kilo per week is possible. Above all, low carb is the first step towards a permanently healthier diet.

2. FDH: Lose weight without a plan

FDH (“Eat half”) is the mother of all diets. A little less of everything and thus reduce the amount of calories — sounds logical and wonderfully simple. The nutrition expert warns: “It depends on what you leave out!” Those who fundamentally eat the wrong way take in fewer calories with FDH, but at the same time also less nutrients. So better work on the composition of the menu.

Weight loss effect: If you consume 800 calories less per day than you consume, you lose around 600 grams of fat per week. Experts warn: No permanent effect, yo-yo effect is imminent!

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