Is working out at home worth it? – Tahmid Karim

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding working out at home. Some people say it is the best and swear by it. On the other hand, some say that it’s a complete waste of time. But what is the reality then? Here I will break down 5 reasons why I think working out at home makes sense and why you should also consider it. So. let’s go:

  1. Accountability: When we workout at home we can easily hold ourselves accountable. If you have to go to the gym every single day, it is easy for us to make an excuse for why we can’t go today. But if you workout at home, guess what! You can’t make that excuse. Why this is a big deal you may ask? Because it is exactly why most people fail to make it a lifestyle. They go to the gym for a couple of weeks, and then they come up with excuses and soon they completely stop going to the gym. That is the most detrimental thing that can happen. It ruins all your progress and it brings you back to where you were when you started, and it makes us demotivated and we completely write it off. That’s why working out at home can be a great option. Because you can’t give excuses about why you can’t go to the gym, and it is easy to stick to. In fitness, the most important thing is consistency. If you are not consistent you will fail. So, if you workout at home the chances of you being consistent skyrockets and it can lead to great results in the future.
  2. Potential: A lot of people think that you can’t build a great body or can’t be fit by working out at home because of the limitation of options. But let me tell you this is not true. I myself worked out at home for the first 2 years of my training life. And to be honest, I got the most insane results at that period of time. If you are willing to take that extra step then the options can be limitless. For example, the things you can do with a resistance band is far too many to count. You can do literally 15 variations of pulling movement on a pullup bar. See! So, if you are willing to make it work, it will work.
  3. Strength: One of the biggest myths is that you can’t gain strength by working out at home, so you can’t build muscle. This has been proven wrong by science. You don’t believe me? Look up some studies and then you will. Strength can be gained in numerous ways. You are not limited to putting weight on the bar. If you can do 12 pullups, and the next time you do pullups, you did 13, that’s strength gain right there. And you will grow muscle doing that. Because as science shows that your body doesn’t know the numbers on the bar, it only recognizes resistance. If you can provide greater resistance consistently, then you will grow. That is science, even though I am not a scientist.

So now to summarize, yes working out at home has some limitations like you don’t have the luxury of a lot of equipment and whatnot. But it doesn’t mean you can’t build a great physique by working out at home. I am talking about both males and females. So, don’t think much and start doing, because that will gain you the results you most desire. And if you want an affordable custom 30 day home workout plan, you can get one here:

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