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What can affect the mind? What runs the mind — it is our emotions. The emotions are how we feel good. They are the software running this hardware of the body. We think before we talk. A thought comes and we express it. The process is so fast that we don’t understand it.

All diseases start in the mind. Be it cancer, diabetes or any of the mental diseases. Negative emotions of fear and anger in our environment cause anxiety in our mind.

When a situation arises and a person may get some negative news. That person doesn’t know how to react. Sometimes, we say ”He or she is just not “thinking”. The situation is too much for the person. The person is not able to think on their feet and is running around without taking the time to think through the problem. Anxiety can disturb the subtle airs that are forming speech, expression and balance.

It causes the upward moving force to become stronger and make us feel out of balance, and affect our speech and expression. In this situation, for that person, no thoughts are being formed due to high anxiety. They don’t know what to do. It is a temporary experience for that person.

Negative emotions and anxiety can get a hold of our gut and cause disturbance in our bodily processes. Have you ever been to a debate or other public speaking and felt changes in your body because of that performance? Or How does it make you feel when you make a mistake?

Read article below to understand what research has to say:…/how-stress-affects-digest…/

The gut is being affected by those negative emotions. Diet and herbs are necessary to help improve the bodily processes.

A positive emotional environment of love and peace is necessary to calm our mind and to bring the subtle airs into balance. Walking and enjoying natural beauty also helps. It is necessary for recovery from any disease.

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