6 Ways to Break the Cycle and Actually Get to the Gym

Allee Graziano

Summer is officially here which means bikini season is upon us. We all swore on New Years we would get that beach bod. “This year I’m serious!”

Sound familiar? And yet six months later here we are…

With time running out, how do we motivate ourselves to get our beautiful but totally out of shape butts to the gym?

We’ve come up with six ways to break the cycle for real this time:

  1. Take a class — Working out can be a whole lot easier when you have someone telling you what to do and how to do it. And who isn’t motivated by a badass kickboxing instructor’s all too emphatic shouts to get your butt into shape?

2. Take a buddy — For one, going to the gym with a friend can relieve a lot of that gym anxiety. And when you are in it together you can you can keep each other motivated, share workouts and make the whole experience a lot more fun.

3. Subscribe to a program — workout programs like the Kayla Itsines “Bikini Body Guide” and the app FitPlan are the perfect solution to breaking through that gym barrier. Having a step-by-step guide ensures you know what to do when you get there, and knowing what to do takes a whole lot of pressure off when faced with a sea of intimidating machinery (How do dumbbells work again? What’s a dumbbell anyways?)

4. Does your gym offer personal training? — Even one session with a personal trainer can be a game changer, and an awesome learning experience. See if your gym offers personal training sessions (most do!). That way you can get familiar with the equipment and also learn what to focus on for you and your fitness goals.

5. YouTube — watch videos before going to the gym for motivation and inspiration or while you are there for direction! There are endless workout routines available with step-by-step guides, so you are bound to find one that works for you.

6. And last but not least — if the gym really isn’t your thing remember, exercise can happen anywhere: try joining a yoga studio or a rock climbing gym (talk about a full body work out!), take your bike or go for a hike! At the end of the day it’s about loving your body and doing what makes YOU feel good.

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