Immigrants on iMiMatch are Encouraging Each Other to Stay Positive.

Having an optimistic mind-set may reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease and early death, a review of studies has found. In previous studies, optimism has been shown to be associated with a range of favorable physical health outcomes and with greater success in work, school and relationships. This new meta-analysis, published in JAMA Network Open, included 15 studies that measured optimism and pessimism by asking the level of agreement with such statements as “In uncertain times, I usually expect the best,” or “I rarely expect good things to happen to me.”

A positive outlook may be good for your heart and people who were optimists tended to have better heart health and live longer. Immigrants on are a community of people who support and care for each other. They help you cultivate a positive mindset which helps you stay healthy and become more successful at work. Positive thinking makes the hardships around you bearable and as you struggle to have a positive attitude towards life, you discuss that you could actually have hope for the better.

Positive thinking and optimism distribute itself to the environment around you. Immigrants on iMiMatch who are optimistic turn out to become receptacles of good vibes around them. The positive energy they have absorbs the bad energy in others and transforms it into something good. In this way, the risk of a cardiovascular disease or heart attack is avoided and the Immigrant’s life span increased. Health is one of the best ways to ensure long life. If you want to live long, then stay healthy. And how easy is it when all you need to do is to become optimistic and develop positive thinking? It could be very easy especially for those on iMiMatch who help each other out.

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