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How a Software Company is Pioneering Changes in the Dental Care Industry

For Americans, regular visits to the dentist are severely overlooked. A survey by Delta Dental Plans Association found that 42% of Americans do not see their dentist as regularly as they’d like. The same survey reported that 85% of respondents believed that oral health is essential to their overall health, but only 15% found complete satisfaction with their oral health. Additionally, dental practices on average lose 20–30% of their patient base annually.

It’s possible that this trend can be attributed to the lack of technological advancements in the dental health industry. Until recently, most dental offices operated on software reminiscent of the 1990s, making use of clunky and slow user interfaces with uncomfortable to use designs. One SaaS (software-as-a-service) company has set out to change this, making it easier for dentists to provide healthcare efficiently.

tab32 is one of the only true cloud-based systems in the dental industry, providing practices with a patient-focused approach to managing and retaining clients. Built from the group up, tab32 is designed to withstand the technological changes that are predicted to happen within the next 20 years.

By 2040, experts anticipate that the healthcare landscape will drastically change. “Unlike today, we believe care will be organized around the consumer, rather than around the institutions that drive our existing health care system,” Deloitte Research reports. Improvements to technology in the healthcare industry will be the driving force in this change and companies like tab32 are preparing providers for the future with innovative software. With tab32, dental providers can remotely manage customer interactions, paving the way for dentists to pair quality dental care with the convenience of being able to bring the clinic directly to the patient.

Melissa LuVisi, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at tab32, says “We live in a world where groceries are delivered regularly, cars can pick us up on demand and even our toothbrush heads come in the mail. So why wouldn’t we want America’s children to get regular hygiene exams at school while their parents’ dentists meet them at work?” Companies such as Bank of America and Top Gulf are already providing employees access to mobile clinics, while various state programs across the country have mobile clinics visiting schools, serving hundreds of people every day. These mobile clinics, serviced by tab32 software, might be the future of dental care and could fill the gap present in the industry.

tab32 is making it easier for dentists to provide quality care to patients and for patients to access the care that they need. Keeping patients at the center of dental care is tab32’s mission and creates a “comprehensive care continuum that goes beyond the four walls of a clinic.” tab32 is already helping dentists provide the care of the future, today.

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