10 Easy Interior Design Trends to Incorporate Into Your Home

The new decade has arrived, and with that, new trends have arrived too. We’re seeing some new styles for the first time, and also a few returning trends looking to keep their status as a fan-favorite. Here’s what we’re seeing on trend for your home for 2020 and beyond.

Soft and Cozy Fabrics

Who doesn’t love a comfy fabric! Good thing for all of us this trend is big for textiles in 2020. Look out for blankets, pillows, sheets and comforters that are all perfect for snuggle sessions!

Natural Earth Tones and Colors

When thinking of color trends and palettes look into all the earth tones: navy blue, blushes, greens and saffron are all popular colors of the year.

Playful Patterns and Stripes

Patterns are always a great way to add character into any space! Stripes are popping up everywhere from small print to large and bold. Pair small and large patterns together to have a playful pattern harmony!

Textured Wall Art

Adding art to any wall is the best way to bring design to life. Textured wall art is an added bonus, and it doesn’t need to be framed!

Fun Upholstered Furniture

Velvet, leather and corduroy are all things you want to cuddle up on and get cozy with. And they are making their way into the furniture scene in a big way!

Rattan and Wicker Furniture

Adding natural elements into interiors is making a big return in 2020. Rattan and wicker continue to bring all the natural warm feels into homes.

Bold Kitchen Cabinetry

While we never think a white kitchen will go out of style, we do plan to see a lot more bold choices in cabinetry. Think greens, blacks and even warm woods making their way back into the kitchen space this year!

Easy to Manage Plant Babies

Adding greens to any space is always a win but keeping those plant babies alive isn’t for everyone. Lucky for us these easy to maintain plants are making their way back into 2020. Hello better overall air circulation!

Contrasting Colors

Whether in art or textiles contrasting colors are a hot new trend to keep an eye on. What’s not to love about a bold black and white design?

Sustainable Furniture

This is a trend we hope to never see leave. Creating ways to have more purposeful and sustainable furniture. We’re loving all the masterminds and makers behind this trend!

Michael and Danielle Gutelli

Danielle and Michael Gutelli creators and owners of Clark + Aldine, a residential design to build team specializing in home design, customization, and styling. Together with their two little dudes, they are helping people experience life by looking at existing space in a completely new way and offering solutions for a more functional and purposeful space for their clients. On their blog they share content related to home design, decor and styling, DIY tips, and how they manage all the things while prioritizing time with their family, traveling and embracing the everyday moments life brings them!  Follow their journey at or on InstagramFacebook and Pinterest.


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