Do you know many small and minor kind of diseases are cured with saffron

What is the use of saffron in ayurveda?

Do you heard a lot of saffron, did you know there are many uses of saffron in ayurveda? According to ayurveda, there are many minor diseases which can be cured only by use of saffron. Saffron can be so much beneficial to you in various ways.

Saffron has many medicinal substances (having healing properties). which will help in keeping our body fully healthy. Saffron also provide coloured and flavoured to your foods and drinks (such as milk). Five to twenty petals of saffron per day can be used.

Benefit of Saffron

1. Complexion of face ( color of a person’s skin)

Friends Saffron makes your skin gorgeous. By this method you can lighten your face and color as well. To enhance facial beauty, saffron with coconut oil or ghee is applied on the face. And rubbing the saffron on the face with a cream of milk.

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