S’mores Protein Pancakes – Ashley Bowman

S’mores Protein Pancakes

Y’all these are seriously one of the easiest most delicious pancake stacks!! So I’ve been on a bit of a marshmallow kick lately so naturally seeing everyone outdoors and makin s’mores(see what I did there😜), I needed a similar breakfasty deliciousness to happen…😋

Macros — F6 C49 P33

Here’s how….⬇️

In a smoothie cup(less dirty dishes👌🏻) pour milk first, then add pancake mix and protein powder, and cinnamon. Blend. You now have your pancake mix, pour onto flat griddle or cook in a pan until it bubbles and flip. Once pancakes are done top with your crushed graham cracker, chocolate chips and marshmallows.

Ingredients ⬇️


•4oz Fairlife Fat Free Milk

•26grams Hungry Jack Light and Fluffy Pancake Mix

•1 scoop ON French Vanilla Creme

•1/4tsp-1/2tsp Cinnamon depends on how much you like it)


•1 sheet of Low Fat Honey Graham Crackers(1 sheer=4 crackers, crush them)

•14grams Nestle Mini Chocolate Chips

•5grams Jet Puffed Marshmallow Bits


You could easily spice it up more with chocolate syrup or marshmallow creme or a protein drizzle or regular syrup. But the basic recipe is pretty simple and really yummy and easy to shift your macros around so that it can work for you!! 🤓🤗

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