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Probiotics are live bacteria that are considered “good,” or beneficial for your body’s functioning and your health. Many probiotics are similar to bacteria that are naturally living in your body. You may already be consuming some of these good bacteria if you eat fermented products, such as:

  • yogurt
  • some cheeses
  • some pickled vegetables

The concept of consuming more good microbes to aid health has been discussed since the early 1900s. The term “probiotics” is relatively new. It’s a combination of the Latin word for “for” and the Greek word for “life.” Research has yielded promising results about the health benefits of probiotics. However, the science is not yet conclusive on all the benefits of probiotics for healthy people or for treatment of particular diseases.

The most commonly consumed probiotics are strains of two main species. These species are also the most studied of probiotics:

Bifidobacteria: This species of bacteria is commonly used in foods and supplements. They’re thought to:

  • support the immune system
  • limit the growth of harmful bacteria in the intestine
  • help in breaking down lactose into nutrients the body can use

Lactobacillus: This species of bacteria produces lactase, the enzyme that breaks down lactose, or milk sugar. These bacteria also produce lactic acid. Lactic acid helps control the population of bad bacteria. It also serves as muscle fuel and increases the body’s absorption of minerals. Lactobacillus bacteria are found naturally in the:

  • mouth
  • small intestine
  • vagina

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