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For now we wait

Confined in our chambers. Looking ahead. Wondering about tomorrow with a furrowed brow. Not knowing what it holds. The only good news, perhaps, is that we’re connected. Exactly a hundred years ago when the Spanish flu spread across the masses, the situation was exactly the same as it is right now. People were dying by the hundreds. The streets were empty and quiet. But people back then didn’t had what we have today.

The Internet.

To have a glimpse of what it must have felt like a 100 years ago, turn off your internet for the rest of the day. You will feel a pent-up tension inside your head. Filled with uncertainty and doubt. You don’t know what to do. How long is it going to last? How long are you going to last? So you turn up to the internet again. Only to realize it cause more problems than it solve. There is so much noise. Everybody wants to have a point of view. Everybody wants to show how splendid they are or how awful the world is. People want to paint a picture of an apocalypse. But the fact is. No body nows for certain. That is why we need to get away from the news for a bit everyday. Without that, the feeling of anxiety and stress will surely creep in. We have to be keep in check before it does.

Your worst enemy today is only yourself.

Living in solitude with minimum to no interaction with the outside world is not a healthy practice. Yet still, for better or worse, this is our fate for the foreseeable future.

Although, it is very likely that because of the internet we wont have the same effects on our mental health, after all of this is over, as the people in the 1920s did. However, it is impossible to avoid the feeling of hopelessness that comes with losing your job or the effects of a collapsing world economy or just staying home for a longer period of time.

Consider this. You are inside your house for days. You don’t know how long this lockdown will last. You keep checking your social media. The bad news keep piling up. You start to feel the silence creeping in. Questioning your presence and everyone around you. You start to feel depressed. That unavoidable feeling of an impending doom. First, you must know that you are not alone in feeling this way. Second, you must work on a few tricks to shun this feeling before it knocks on your door. You must learn to take advantage of being in solitude. As solitude can bring the best in us through spirituality.

Beauty arises in the stillness of your presence.

Eckhart Tolle

To truly take advantage of being alone you have to shutdown the internet. Internet takes you away from the moment you live in. On it, you’re always worried about what’s next OR what other people did and said. You constantly find yourself picking up your phone. Scanning your social media for comments someone made, or pictures someone took. You keep asking yourself what and how so often that you forget the now.

Instead of being at peace with yourself you are constantly nudged out of it. The internet works against your inner peace. Instead of allowing you to anchor in a disturbed sea it separates you from shores of your spirit. A spirit that connects you to what there is. A spirit that enables peace and hold answers.

For a moment in your day, you must get away from the internet. Take advantage of this complete solidarity. This moment between you and yourself is special. You must feel it. Start by taking a deep breath. Fill your lungs with air. Sense the expansion and contraction of your chest. Feel your heart beating and the blood flowing in your veins. Feel your existence. This is the moment that you live in. Now stay here for a while. This is the essence of meditation. In this moment of pure presence be grateful for the things you value the most. Be grateful for being alive. This is the essence of spirituality.

Now imagine this. Whatever that exists in the entire universe and beyond, exists in this exact moment that you and I live in. Not before nor after it. Right now is all there is. You share this moment with things that are millions of miles away and with things that are closer to you than your own heartbeat. You are alive in the exact same moment that even the tiniest of creatures live in. Believe me or not, spiritually, you are connect with the tiniest virus too. You share a bond with viruses that you are so afraid to catch. A bond of presence.

If you think about it. Even though the internet claims to connect us, which is surely does, but we’re already connected. Everything that is alive, everything that there is, is connected. The internet, in actuality, separates us from where we are and where we should be. Which is in the moment. Albeit, you must understand I am not against the usage of the internet. In fact, I believe it is a great instrument for learning and sharing. But if its a blessing its a curse too. What’s important is to realize it. What’s important is to be mindful and not give into its captivating power, specially in times like these when we have nothing else to do but to be drawn to it.

In essence, while you are staying inside and social distancing, take your time away from the internet and focus on your breath and meditate. Feel your presence and be grateful. If you’re working-out, instead of going all in but only for a few seconds, work-out longer but with stillness. Meander lazily inside your mind and body while you exercise. But don’t think. Just feel. Smell. See. Let yourself seep into your senses. Be deliberate.

Be still.

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