Disclaimer: . The below enumeration is for understanding principles and not meant for the purpose of self-treatment. Please consult your doctor before adopting any specific advice stated below.

NATURAL HEALING: Heal without excessive interference to body. Using sound scientific principles from Allopathy, it must be wisely contemplated whether it is worthwhile interfering with the inherent defense mechanisms of the body or not. Just because interventional therapy is expensive, it does not mean it is the best form of therapy available. The efficacy of therapy is not proportional to its expense. Money cannot buy life or comfort.

The Doctor must use his knowledge of patho-physiology & therapeutic skills to achieve maximum comfort with minimum complication, to aid body’s repair & survival mechanisms. He must maximize the body’s own inherent mechanism of dealing with disease.

In primordial (prehistoric) man, these inner healing mechanisms were finely tuned and well honed. This is because, the ape man lived a natural way of life, as intended by Nature, eating raw food, breathing fresh air, moving all his muscles to run, climb, swim and hunt. The need to survive would extract peak performance from the brain and peak output from the heart. The man who fell ill was similar to the old man as both were immobile. Both were easy prey for being hunted by predators. Hence in order to survive, the body had developed maximum healing response to ailment.

However, urbanization and present day habits with polluted air, preserved food and redundant movement have rendered the body’s inherent processes feeble and weakened the survival mechanisms. Thus, our inherent defense to disease has deteriorated.

Natural Healing is the method of enhancing these inner defense mechanisms by following sound allopathic and scientific principles. It only defies the long term use of high dose strong medications. It challenges the use of unwarranted and unneedful intervention and surgery. It advocates methods of augmenting the existing inner physiological methods of healing.

Correction of various lifestyle factors that caused or precipitated the disease is crucial to aid healing. The Natural Healing Physician helps the patient to understand the disease process and allows the body’s wisdom to do its part without interference by harmful drugs or avoidable surgery. This gives comfort & peace to the ailing, who heal comfortably in his home environment while trying to maintain his routine, whenever possible.

Natural Healing Therapy will accelerate the healing process, and will also shorten the duration of illness and reduce the intensity of suffering.

NATURAL HEALING is therefore holistic, conservative, supportive and non- interventional therapy that enhances inherent existing defense mechanisms of the body.

Natural Healing Therapy involves the following principles:



General factors promote overall health and healing mechanisms, whereas organ specific factors promote healing of specific systems of the body. Remember that all principles may be sometimes specific to individual diseases and cannot be implemented without medical endorsement.


1) Healthy Nutrition: Natural Healing with a balanced diet

2) Natural Healing by blood pH regulation: Alkalinize the system

3) Fasting to remove toxins & maximize blood supply

4) Natural Healing by Exercise: Therapy via movement

5) Natural Healing by Diurnal Rhythm: Maintaining hormone balance

6) Natural Healing by Sleep: Resting the tissues

7) Natural Healing by Body weight control: reducing the load

8) Natural Healing by Melatonin: regulating youth hormones.

9) Natural Healing with Parasympathetic response: Manage Stress.

10) Natural Healing by blood volume balance

11) Natural Healing by de-addiction

12) Natural Healing by minimizing drug therapy

13) Natural Healing by Reset: Regular orgasms for health.

14) Natural Healing by cleansing the air and washing out the Pollutants

15) Natural Healing by correct attitudes

Healthy Nutrition: Natural Healing with a balanced diet

A balanced diet is crucial for natural healing. It must include the following components taken in appropriate proportion.

a. Complex carbohydrates (wheat, rice) as 60 % of your diet

b. Proteins of high biological value as 30 % of your diet

c. Polyunsaturated fats as 10 %,

d. Vitamins A, B, C, D, E preferably in natural form

e. Minerals like Iron and Calcium

f. Electrolytes like sodium, potassium and water


Carbohydrates are responsible for providing energy.

There are two types of carbohydrates, which are equally important,

i) Simple carbohydrates are short acting and provide energy within 15 minutes. e.g. fruits

ii) Complex carbohydrates are long acting and provide energy after 4 hours e.g. cereals like rice and wheat


Proteins are responsible for building muscle and providing immunity. High biological value proteins are present in eggs, milk, nuts, sprouts, fish, chicken, meat, etc.


Fats are responsible for stored energy. Polyunsaturated fatty acid is the healthy type of fat present in nuts, seeds, etc. So seed oils are better medium for cooking.


Vitamins are vital amines or nutrients. Deficiency of vitamins causes health problems. Vitamins are of 6 types, namely A, B, C, D,E, and K.

Deficiency of vitamin A causes night blindness. Foods rich in vitamin A are spinach, carrots, pumpkins, fish, broccoli, meat, eggs, papaya and mangoes.

Deficiency of vitamin B causes Beri Beri, a condition of the heart and nervous system. It is present in green leafy vegetables, egg yolk, fish, meat, fruits, pulses, etc.

Deficiency of vitamin C causes scurvy (a condition where the gums bleed) and frequent colds. Vitamin C is present in citrus fruits like orange, sweet lime, strawberries, sweet potatoes, tomatoes and papaya.

Deficiency of vitamin D causes rickets, a disease where the bones get deformed. Vitamin D is produced in the body on exposure to sunlight. Foods rich in Vitamin D are fish, mushrooms, cheese, and egg yolk

Deficiency of Vitamin K causes bleeding. Foods rich in vitamin K are cabbage, tomato and spinach.


Sodium, chloride and potassium are two vital electrolytes necessary for functioning of the body. Sodium is present in common salt (sodium chloride) which is used in food. Potassium is present in honey, jaggery and fruits.


There are two important minerals essential for health: — Iron and calcium

Iron is necessary for formation of haemoglobin which transports oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood. Iron is present in green leafy vegetables, egg yolk, meat, etc. Deficiency of iron causes anaemia.

Calcium is necessary for healthy teeth and bones. Calcium deficiency causes muscle spasms, lethargy and fractures. Blood Pressure is maintained due to peripheral arteriolar tone, which depends on the presence of calcium in blood. Foods rich in calcium are milk and milk products, almonds, broccoli fruits like mango, banana, etc.

Anti-Hypertensive therapy use calcium blockers drugs like Nifedipine. Blocking calcium will precipitate cardiac failure and asthma in predisposed patients.

Daily calcium intake should be made of 2 equivalents of milk. Equivalents of milk are 1 glass of milk/ 1 bowl of curd/ 1 glass lassi/ 1 cheese cube/ 1 cup of ice cream / 1 Bengali mithai (milk based) sweet

For every 30 minutes of intensive exercise like running, squash or tennis or 60 minutes of moderate exercise like walking or swimming, 1 equivalent of calcium should be added to the diet.


The ideal diet must be made of the following:

M- Milk

E- Eggs

L- Live food (e.g fruits, raw vegetables)

A- Atta (Cereal)

N- Nuts

D- Dudhi juice(or any alkaline vegetable juice)


Fibre is an essential part of the diet. Raw vegetables are a source of fibre. Lack of fibre in the diet causes constipation. Chronic constipation or passage of hard stool causes fissures (bleeding and pain in the anus). Similarly, exerting and straining during stools causes Piles (ballooning of the veins in the anus).


The primordial man used to hunt and eat fresh meat. In civilized society, when the animal is slaughtered for meat, stress hormones are released in the dying animal’s body. The consumed stress hormones can cause agitation and restlessness. The process of putrefaction starts immediately. Canned non vegetarian food is always putrefied, though transported in cold storage. Hence, non vegetarian food should be consumed fresh.

After slaughter, the animal cellular DNA breaks down releasing uric Acid. This uric acid could give rise to multiple problems. The sharp uric acid crystals settle in the joints, causing stiffness, swelling and pain in the joint. Non veg food sometimes aggravates skin allergy as well as asthma. Hence for healing, non-vegetarian food is best avoided.


Food samples from many hotels examined by Food and Drug Administration department revealed horse dung powder used to contaminate spice/masala powder. Industrial waste oil was refined and used to contaminate cooking oil.

When contaminated food is consumed, the lower end of the stomach, which opens into the intestines, shuts down as the body rejects the impurity. The food now stagnates in the stomach for long periods. Excess acid is released from the stomach, thereby causing upsets, regurgitation (food coming upward from the stomach into the mouth), heart burn (burning sensation in the chest due to acids) and peptic ulcers. It’s a wrong notion that spicy food causes stomach problems. In fact, it is the contaminated spice in food that causes stomach problems.


Live food is uncooked vegetable, fruit and pulse (sprouts). The water inside these food groups is live and biologically active. It is akin to blood and rich in electrolytes, nutrients and vitamins. Vitamins are found in the cover; hence peeling the cover off vegetables is unhealthy. This is why full pulse should be preferred over dals. Live food is missing in today’s diet of processed and preserved food. Live food being similar to blood, is very crucial to all healing processes.


One must eat slowly, taking care to chew the food well mixing it with salivary juices. Saliva is relatively alkaline compared to acidic gastric juices of the stomach. When food reaches the stomach neutralizes the acid in the stomach, preventing hyper acidity.

Natural Healing by blood pH regulation: Alkalinize the system

The blood circulating in the human body has an alkaline pH of value 7.32–7.42. When the pH of the blood falls, the blood becomes relatively acidic. In acidic pH, wear and tear of all tissue occurs, disease worsens and healing is delayed. On the other hand, when blood is alkaline, the body heals faster. All healing is facilitated in alkaline pH whereas all disease and suffering worsens in acidic pH.

The human body is essentially made of 70% water and fluids. The fluids of the body, like the synovial fluid, the cerebrospinal fluid, the urine, etc. are all derived from the blood. The blood is maintained at an alkaline pH of 7.32 to 7.42. The pH of food is a major factor which determines the pH of blood. Other factors are lactic acids of exertion, pollution, carbon dioxide and other acidic metabolites.

Most unprocessed foods provided by Mother Nature such as vegetables, whole fruits (along with the pericarp or peel), pulse, seeds are alkaline or amphoteric in pH. When these foods are consumed in plenty, the body maintains its alkaline pH easily. Acidic food includes processed food, cooked food where coagulation of proteins produce acidic pH), preserved food (where acids like citric acid, tartaric acid are used as preservatives) or canned or stored non- vegetarian food (where prolonged storage causes progressive decay, leading to high uric acid levels and other breakdown products)

Processed foods are all acidic and cause an alteration of the blood pH towards the acidic extreme. The body has different mechanisms to neutralise this shift of pH towards the acidic side. The lungs wash out carbon dioxide and kidneys neutralise and wash out the excess acids thus neutralising the acid pH resulting from the above foods. Both mechanisms take about 7 days to neutralise the acid shift. During these seven days, the body fluids notably the synovial fluid nourishing the joints tilts to the acidic side.

When the blood becomes acidic, the oxygen dissociation curve shifts, causing relative hypoxia of the tissues. This makes the body tissues friable and vulnerable to excessive wear and tear, which precipitates or worsens diseases like osteoarthritis, spondylitis, atherosclerosis, muscular tears, acid attacks and peptic ulcers, etc. When the pH falls, the joints get eroded exacerbating joint disease. Acidic food accelerates deposits in coronary arteries causing early blockades and higher the risk of myocardial infarctions (heart attacks) and strokes. Even the area of infarction or stroke is influenced by the blood pH.

Most foods that we consume today have acid pH ranging from pH = 2 to pH = 6. This confirms the concept of how acidic food cause disease or increase the body susceptibility towards disease.

Vegetable juices are all alkaline or relatively alkaline. All of these juices will cause the blood pH to shift back towards the alkaline side helping in restoring the blood pH back to its pH range of pH = 7.32 to pH = 7.42. When the body pH is restored the body tissues are no longer susceptible to acid attack and disease susceptibility. Given the ideal pH, all the inherent healing mechanisms of the body can work with greater efficiency and accelerate healing in terms of both, duration and intensity of healing. Body immune mechanisms also work better in the alkaline medium of blood.

Most diseases of the human body are a result of urbanization of our diets and can be effectively treated by restoration of body’s alkaline pH by taking therapy of alkaline vegetable juices. Alkaline juice therapy produces objective benefits in a variety of illnesses affecting a multitude of body systems. During healing, sour foods like lemon, citrus fruit, tamarind, vinegar, kokum should be avoided. Alkaline food like raw food, coconut water, egg, vegetables should be consumed. Juice made from bottle gourd (Dudhi or Lauki) or water melon is highly alkaline and known to hasten healing.

The concept will be very useful to the patients of joint disease, heart disease and acidity ulcer disease.

Natural Healing by Fasting: Detoxify & maximize blood supply for healing

Any part of the body that is diseased needs plenty of blood supply to heal. When one eats, a large chunk of the cardiac output of 5L per minute is redirected to 22 feet long intestines in order to absorb the end products of digestion for long periods. Therefore, relatively less blood is available to the diseased part. Hence healing is delayed.

Therefore in infections, joint disease and other systemic diseases fasting plays a significant role in accelerating healing.

Natural Healing by Exercise: Therapy via movement

Exercise is an important factor in healing. An exercised fit body heals better than the non-exercised unfit body. However during illness, one must rest and promote healing.

Exercise is general or specific. General exercises are jogging, swimming, ball games, etc. and specific exercises are local exercises associated with a body part. A good exercise regime may be as follows:

Warm Up your body for 10 minutes every morning.

Work out your abdominal and spinal muscles 3 times a week.

Brisk walk for half an hour to one hour 5 days a week to work your Heart.

Free hand exercises or Gyming builds Strength and Endurance. 30 minutes 2–3 times a week.

Stretching or Flexibility exercises for 20 minutes 2 -3 times a week keeps your body supple.


During exercise, the heart rate rises from resting 70/min to almost 140/min and the cardiac output increases from 5 litres to about 7 litres per minute. With regular exercise, over a period of time, the RESTING heart rate & blood pressure fall, denoting a rise in fitness.

Regular exercise develops also collaterals which are parallel channels carrying blood to the muscles, specially the cardiac muscles. Collaterals help to restore blood supply to blocked coronary arteries in case of Ischaemic heart disease.


Exercise strengthens the muscles and ligaments of the body. Stronger muscles and ligaments provide greater support to the joints and slow down wear and tear of joints. Stiff joints loosen out with exercise.


Exercise has two positive effects. Exercise increases the lung capacity, and the intercostal muscles get stronger thereby facilitating easy expulsion of mucus and phlegm during coughing. Asthma is eased when the lung capacity increases. Pneumonia and common disease like bronchitis heal rapidly in an exercised person.


Most organs are lined with a thin layer of smooth muscle. Exercise improves the muscular tone of the organs in the abdominal cavity. This has a beneficial effect on digestion as well as on bowel movement. Constipation is prevented and related disorders like fissures and piles are relieved by exercise.


Exercise increases the blood perfusion to the kidneys. It also improves the tone of the ureteric and bladder muscles. Strong muscle tone helps in facilitating passage of renal stones. Regular abdominal exercise, running, jumping etc. help in crushing and dislodging kidney stones, which can be then excreted out in urine.


In women, regular exercise improves the uterine muscle tone and relieves menstrual cramps.


Exercise raises the red blood cell count, white blood cell count and platelet counts. High RBC count prevents anaemia. Since white blood cells are largely responsible for fighting infection, healing is facilitated.

Natural Healing by Diurnal Rhythm: Maintaining hormone balance

Almost all the hormones in the body show diurnal rhythms, they rise and fall during the day in a set pattern influenced by sunlight.


Sunlight is the controlling factor for kick starting and shutting down all the biological processes and for the release of all hormones in the body. Therefore, it is most useful to wake up at an hour close to sunrise and sleep at an hour close to sunset. It is also important to expose the eyes to sunlight for at least 20–30 minutes every day.


One should always sleep and wake up at the same time. For example, if one sleeps at 11 pm and wakes up at 6 am, this time should be maintained without great fluctuation. An allowance of an hour can be made. Even if one is a late sleeper, it is important to stick to a constant time of sleeping without making wide fluctuations.


Food should be consumed after sunrise and before sunset. After sunset, all body systems including the GI tract gradually slow down to a resting state. Hence if food is consumed after sunset, the digestion would be impaired. This would also draw large volume of blood to the intestines for the purpose of absorption, thereby reducing blood supply to the heart and the brain. Maximum heart attacks occur at night as people eat heavy meals late at night and go to sleep on a full stomach.

At night, when the body is fasting and resting, growth hormone is released. Therefore, it is important to have the last meal by sunset and avoid food after that until sunrise. Keeping long hours of starvation will release growth hormone. By doing this, children can grow taller; with better muscle tissue and stronger bones.

By following the pattern of the diurnal rhythm, the hormones in the body can be optimized. The influence of hormonal fluctuation on disease is thereby reduced facilitating the healing processes.

Natural Healing by sleep: Resting the tissues

Sleep is a very important factor in healing. During sleep, the body muscles relax and heart rate falls. Blood pressure falls, breathing slows down, hormones are released, organ function slows down, tissues undergo repair and metabolites like lactic acids are washed out. The young need more sleep while the old require less sleep, depending upon their metabolic rates.

For health and healing, it is important to sleep enough. Going to sleep at the same time and waking up at the same time is important for regulating hormonal release.

For insomnia, relaxing activities like reading or listening to soft music will help. A glass of milk, a banana, or groundnuts (all containing tryptophan) will help in sleep induction. A hot water bath and stretching the muscles will also help. If one has slept well, he should wake up feeling fresh and energetic.

Natural Healing by controlling Body weight: reducing the load!

Obesity or excessive body weight is a predisposing factor for many diseases.

ISCHAEMIC HEART DISEASE (IHD) — Obesity reduces the effort tolerance of the heart by increasing the load on the heart.

HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE — The heart has to work more due to increased load.

OSTEO ARTHRITIS– Obesity causes wear and tear of the joints due to more loads on the joints.

INSULIN RESISTANCE– Obesity is known to cause insulin resistance. The body cells become resistant to the action of Insulin. So diabetes often worsens in obese individuals. Sometimes obesity precipitates diabetes.

DETERMINING OBESITY– A simple screening test is to pinch the fat at the waist. If it is 2 inches thick, the body weight is probably normal. Every additional half inch will denote an extra 5 kg.

CAUSE- Obesity is caused by overeating or under burning calories. When diet is deficient in its essential nutrients, the body induces overeating to gather the deficient nutrients giving rise to obesity. Taking a balanced diet will keep the weight in check.

The diet should also include adequate fibre. Fibre is roughage present in raw vegetables and fruit. It expands in the stomach and gives a feeling of fullness, reducing appetite. Less food is consumed and obesity is prevented.

Natural Healing by Melatonin: regulating youth hormones.

Melatonin is regarded as the hormone which bestows youth, energy and drive. Melatonin is secreted at night by the pituitary gland, in response to eye exposure to sunlight during the day.

Free radicals inhibit Melatonin synthesis. Electro-magnetic fields generated by televisions, refrigerators, computers, artificial lights, fans and air conditioners give off free radicals. Too much exposure to these is therefore unhealthy.

Beta carotene from the diet stimulates melatonin synthesis .Beta carotene is found in green leafy vegetables and carrots.

Natural Healing with Parasympathetic response: Manage Stress

STRESS RESPONSE is dependent upon the balance between the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous system.

Sympathetic nervous system– This is responsible for releasing adrenaline during times of increased stress. Adrenaline causes a rise in heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, muscle tension, etc.

Parasympathetic nervous system– This is responsible for releasing acetylcholine which acts as a stress reliever. It causes reduction in heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, muscle tension, etc.

EMOTIONAL FACTORS– There emotional factors which contribute to stress are;

· Frustration — gives rise to Anger

· Jealousy — gives rise to Hate

· Sexual frustration- gives rise to Repression

· Desire — gives rise to Fear

· Pessimism — gives rise to Depression

All of these factors generate stress which releases adrenaline. Adrenaline raises the heart rate, breathing and causes bombardment of the brain in preparation for a flight or fight response of survival. Stress also releases cortisone in the body. Cortisone makes you retain salt and water. Cortisone raises the blood pressure, blood sugar and also makes bones hollow.

When the mind is relaxed and free of stress, the body releases acetylcholine. Its action is the opposite of that of adrenaline. It slows down the body parameters and brings about a sense of tranquillity and peace. The stress busters could be in form of taking a holiday, watching a movie, listening to soft music, reading a book or any activity that relaxes you.

Natural Healing by Blood Volume balance

The blood volume determines blood pressure. Blood volume is dependent upon the colloidal osmotic pressure. Blood pressure determines the state and level of energy. When blood pressure falls below normal, there is lethargy, lassitude, lack of enthusiasm and weakness.

The two components responsible for maintaining blood volume (holding water in the blood circulation) are salt (sodium chloride) and protein (albumin).

So in order to maintain the colloidal osmotic pressure, one needs to consume:

· Salt — found in fruits, table salt

· Protein — found in eggs, milk, pulses

· Biologically active water — in the form of vegetable juices, coconut water

Blood volume and blood pressure falls in;

· Dehydration, due to exercise, exposure to wind as in bike rides

· Inadequate fluid intake

· Prolonged exposure to heat or sunlight

· Diarrhoea or vomiting causing water and electrolyte loss.

To restore blood volume, a diet rich in salt, protein, bio water is recommended to restore the colloidal osmotic pressure. Consumption of thick fluids and dense solids is useful for maintaining and restoring blood volume and blood pressure such as Bengali sweets (rasgulla), milk and protinex, ice-cream, chapatti’s or roti’s made of wheat.

Maintaining blood volume is therefore very important for any healing.

Natural Healing by De addiction:

For good health and healing, all addictions like smoking, alcohol, drugs, and medications must cease. However if you must smoke, smoke less than 5 cigarettes a day, and if you must take alcohol, consume less than 2 pegs at a time, sipped gradually without gulping.


* Narrowing of peripheral arteries- Smoking thickens the artery walls making them lose their elasticity. It also narrows down the lumen of the artery. These changes raise the Blood pressure.

* Destruction of cilia in respiratory tract- Cilia or the hair lining the bronchi are responsible for expulsion of sputum or brushing out foreign particles like smoke or pollutants from the respiratory tract. Cilia are destroyed by tobacco smoke leading to chronic bronchitis. Smoking may also lead to respiratory failure in the long run. It is also regarded as carcinogenic.

*Deposits in the arteries- Smoking accelerate the formation of atheroma deposits in the coronary arteries and cerebral arteries of the brain. Hence, strokes and heart attacks may result.


Alcohol burns the mucosal lining of the stomach causing Gastritis leading to vomiting.

Alcohol lowers the blood sugar causing hypoglycaemia. Hypoglycaemia causes headache and giddiness which is common after alcohol consumption. Vitamin B1 is also depleted.

Alcohol also causes incoordination, loss of balance and slurring of speech due to cerebellar toxicity. It impairs judgement leading to traffic accidents.

Natural Healing by minimizing Drug therapy

In consultation with your Doctor, Try to avoid excessive drug therapy.

The commonly used drugs are

NSAIDS-Non steroid anti-inflammatory drugs used to kill pain

Inflammation is part of the healing process. Anti-inflammatory drugs suppress this process and may interfere with the natural course of the disease.

Regular intake of NSAIDS can cause peptic ulcers, blood vomits, worsening of asthma (due to bronchospasm), salt retention and renal failure.


They can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea.

A billion bacteria live in symbiosis with the body. Antibiotics kill the (few) disease causing bacteria as well as the many useful symbiotic bacteria. When the bacteria in the intestines are killed by antibiotics, a vacuum is created. Harmful bacteria take over and reside in the intestines causing diarrhoea. Similarly in all parts of the body, harmful organisms, like fungi occupy vacant spaces created by antibiotic therapy.

During a bacterial infection, the body produces memory antibodies in response to the infection .These memory antibodies are stored in the body and used in the future to rapidly contain the same bacterial infection. Consuming antibiotics may prevent the body from producing the memory antibodies.

Some antibiotics cause bone marrow depression leading to the following consequences:

Suppression in synthesis of RBCs reduces Haemoglobin levels and leads to anaemia.

Suppression in synthesis of WBCs makes the immunity fall, causing multiple infections.

Suppression in synthesis of platelets- Will cause bleeding from body orifices.

BETA BLOCKERS AND CALCIUM BLOCKERS for treating hypertension

Beta blockers block the adrenaline receptors in the body. They reduce the force of contraction of the heart by blocking the action of adrenaline on the heart. Calcium blockers block the entry of calcium into the smooth muscles of the heart and reduce its effective contraction. Thus both these drugs can precipitate heart failure, hypotension, worsening of asthma (due to bronchospasm), constipation, impotence and depression. Calcium blockers reduce blood pressure by reducing the entry of calcium into the heart and other muscles in the body. This can cause extreme weakness and carpo pedal spasms.


Diuretics lower blood sodium and potassium levels. Low potassium causes nausea, body weakness and arrhythmias (rhythm disorders of the heart). Low sodium reduces blood pressure. Prolonged use of Lasix can cause deafness and tinnitus.

TRANQUILIZERS- They can cause drowsiness, confusion and a dazed state.


All of them cause sedation and drowsiness.

Natural Healing by Reset: Regular orgasms for health.

During sexual intercourse, adrenaline is released by the adrenal glands. Adrenaline makes the peripheral arterioles contract, raising the blood pressure and the heart rate and the rate of breathing. On attaining an orgasm, acetylcholine is released which is an adrenaline antagonist. This makes the peripheral arterioles relax causing a fall in the blood pressure, muscle tone, heart rate and breathing rate. This parasympathetic response causes complete relaxation of the body. Therefore, achieving orgasm always has a positive effect on health since it is comparable to a reset button being pressed on your computer.

Natural Healing by cleansing the air and washing out the pollutants

Pollution is an unavoidable health hazard, primarily affecting the lungs. Smoke arising from vehicles contains carbon monoxide and other toxic gases. This can alter the blood pH and render it acidic. Exposure to nature, breathing fresh air and moving out of a polluted environment will help healing tremendously. In the past era, tuberculosis of the lungs was treated by moving the patient to a hill station. In today’s era, frequent holidays will help cleanse the lungs and regulate the blood pH levels.

Natural Healing needs the right Attitude!

We must develop the right attitude to promote healing. These are summarized below

1. Fear of disease — Overcome it. Trust in body’s wisdom of healing.

2. Ability to bear discomfort — Develop the ability to be comfortable with pain.

3. ‘Normal’ cy — Don’t be obsessed with it, deviations do exist. Do not get obsessed with perfectly normal lab reports.

4. Patience — Cultivate patience. Diseases take time to resolve from a week to a few months.

5. Eventuality- Be ready to face any eventuality. If your time has come, you shall depart. If not, you shall recover.

6. Trust- In the wisdom of the body

7. If you are not sure of what to do- Do nothing, wait and seek more expert opinions.

8. Remember that there are many other people who are suffering more than you.


We have seen how general factors affect healing. Now we shall see how organ specific factors promote bodily healing of specific systems. It is not practically possible to enumerate all the specific factors for healing every organ system. However, certain specific factors are common to many diseases of an organ system. The below enumeration is for understanding principles and not meant for the purpose of self-treatment. Please consult your doctor before adopting any specific advice stated below.


· Walk 45 minutes every day.

· Lose fatty weight

· Stop sour food

· Alkaline diet of vegetable juices every day.

· Reduce salt intake

· Sweat it out.

· Don’t wear socks & shoes to prevent clogging of peripheral circulation.

· Don’t take unnecessary medications

· If you get chest pain stop activity & rest.

· Take plenty of fruit (potassium)

· Take plenty of milk products (calcium)

· Sleep in a ventilated room with open windows

· Take frequent vacations and work breaks

· Don’t take stress and don’t lose your temper

· Sex does not harm

· Don’t over exert

· Don’t be afraid of death

· Don’t Smoke

· Don’t consume more than 90 ml of whisky a day.


· Blow balloons, swim & do aerobic exercises

· Walk 40 minutes daily

· Drink lots of warm water

· Avoid pollutants

· Sleep in a well-ventilated room, non AC

· Avoid sour food

· Take enough milk products (calcium)

· Avoid smoking

· Take enough salt & water

· Avoid unnecessary consumption of cardiac drugs or steroids

· Avoid unnecessary consumption of pain killers

· Take chest & back massage

· Take vitamin C everyday

· Do pranayama

· Avoid outside and processed food

· Lose fatty weight

· Encourage coughing and expulsion of sputum


· Chew food well

· Avoid big meals and eat slowly

· Do not drink water immediately after meals

· Give a gap of few hours between meals

· Take adequate raw food (fibre)

· Avoid sour food

· Alkalinize with water melon & bitter gourd juice

· Do not sleep immediately after a meal

· Avoid exercise immediately after a meal

· Lose fatty weight

· Avoid sugars & fatty food

· Exercise the abdominal muscles


· Don’t reduce high blood pressure radically with drug therapy

· Take vitamins B1, B6, and B12

· Sleep well and sleep enough

· Walk 45 minutes everyday

· Take alkaline diet of vegetable juices

· Avoid sour food

· Sleep with head at a lower level than the body if recovering from stroke

· Smoking few cigarettes may benefit certain brain diseases (dementia)

· Avoid stress

· Avoid surgery

· Practise yogasanas (after doctor’s permission)

· Neuro muscular coordination exercises (such as ball games, martial arts) will help.


· Drink enough water

· Take milk products (calcium increases uretric tone to help expel kidney stones)

· Drink water before sleeping at night

· Avoid sour food

· Drink alkaline juices

· Physical activity involving jumping movements helps in dislodging kidney stones

· Sexual orgasms lead to bladder contraction which may help in expelling bladder stones

· Sweating is useful in kidney failure as skin also excretes metabolic waste too

· Avoid excessive salt

· Take enough fruits


· Avoid sour food

· Drink alkaline juices

· Look at greenery and Nature

· Look at the sky for star gazing

· Exposure to sun light in the morning is important

· Walk 45 minutes every day

· Do weight training

· Work next to an open window

· Listen to music

· Do some casual reading

· Talk to friends

· Adopt a dog

· Avoid unnecessary medication


· Take a diet rich in Iron (to avoid anaemia)

· Avoid sour food

· Drink alkaline juices

· Reduce salt intake

· Have regular orgasms to improve blood supply to the diseased reproductive tract

· Exercise the abdominal muscles, pelvic muscles & inner thighs

· Walk 45 minutes every day

· Wash genitals with alkaline water (soda bicarbonate douches)

· Lose fatty weight

· Avoid smoking

· Avoid alcohol

· Avoid surgery wherever possible

· Specific exercises- squeezing anal sphincter, bladder outlet exercises help laxity


· Avoid sour food

· Drink alkaline juices

· Have regular orgasms to contract the muscles which help improve tone for delivery

· Exercise the abdominal muscles, pelvic muscles, & inner thighs

· Walk 45 minutes every day

· Take a diet rich in Iron

· Lose fatty weight

· Avoid smoking and alcohol intake

· Avoid C section or forceps delivery

· Take vitamins regularly


· Avoid transfusion

· If in doubt, don’t operate

· Start early mobilization of the operated part

· Keep wounds dry

· Avoid sour food

· Avoid excessive antibiotics


· Do not be in a hurry to operate a fracture without multiple opinions

· Prefer casting with plaster of paris over surgery

· Immobilize only the injured part, not the full body

· Exercise nearby parts

· Report tight plaster

· Exercise the part after removing plaster

· Avoid pain killers


· Lose weight

· Avoid sour food

· Loosen spine

· Exercise the back muscles

· Take alkaline juices

· Don’t sit continuously for long duration

· Walk 45 minutes every day

· Avoid wearing corset

· Don’t lift heavy weights

· Don’t climb stairs until the back is healed

· Avoid surgery


· Rest the injured part and do not massage

· Encourage early and passive mobility

· Drink alkaline juices for healing

· Rest only affected part and not the whole body

· Take calcium (to reduce muscle spasm), and sodium (to reduce pain)


· Fasting on alternate days may aid healing

· Avoid treating with drugs and antibiotics for a few days

· Take adequate rest

· Avoid eating in case of loss of appetite

· Reduce fever only if it is very high or causes discomfort, allow immune mechanisms to heal

· Take enough water & electrolytes

· Room must be well-ventilated

· Avoid investigation for a week as most fevers may settle

· Provide an outlet for easy expulsion of pus (incise an abscess, encourage coughing, repeated urination in case of UTI)


· Avoid drugs for the first few days

· Avoid eating in case of loss of appetite

· Reduce fever only if it is high or uncomfortable

· Take enough water & electrolytes

· Room must be well ventilated

· Investigation best after a week (most fevers will settle.

· Avoid frequent antibiotics

DISCLAIMER: The ENTIRE ARTICLE AND the above advice is for understanding principles and not meant for the purpose of self-treatment. Please consult your doctor before adopting any specific advice stated above.

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