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The powerful virus that arrived seemingly out of nowhere across the globe brings with it much fear, interruption and what many label a danger to what we created until now as our human day-to-day living. Shamanically, however, we hold all powerful beings as potential allies. In fact, the most powerful (i.e. dangerous) are the most potent allies. Consider lightening, jaguar, wolf, rattlesnake, tobacco…these all have the potential to kill us and all are powerful allies to us.

In this light, how might we hold the coronavirus19 as a powerful ally for humans at this critical time in our evolution?

Consider that it has come along as a kind of timely disrupter, stopping us in our tracks to reconsider our habits, our patterns, our beliefs, our focus, our priorities as humans. Covid19 is about getting us to reevaluate our lives, reconsidering our intentions, our government, our way of doing business, our economies, our health care system, our educational system, our military, our relationship with the planet, climate change, our use of resources and what we do with them and on and on.

With respect, I journeyed to connect with Covid19. I sought to acknowledge it, understand it, to feel it’s energy and to ask it some questions. In response to many who expressed interest in what I learned in my connections to the COVID19, I share in this blog my conversation with the virus. I share answers to the questions I asked here, unedited, just as they came to and through me.

— — — — — — — — — —

KB: Greetings COVID-19 I have some questions for you. Thank you for connecting with me.

Covid19: I am available to any or all who want to connect with me. I am a “great enabler.”

KB: A great enabler?… Tell me more about what you mean.

Covid19: yes… I enable anything you desire now that I’ve connected with humans. I enable your greatest fears; your physical transitions; your death (if you prefer); your unspoken wishes (such as to have “more time”, to “slow down”, to spend more time with families and friends). I assist with many other beings to transform the planet earth who, as you know, is quite labored from the impact all the humans and their systems of business, government, health caring, economies of scale unleashed on the collective. I enable the creation of new ways of being for those who survive me. I enable choice. What will humans choose as a way forward? I enable peace. I enable connection, commonality, compassion. Shall I go on? I…and others like me (there are millions of us)…I am the great enabler. And I answer the call you humans put out. We answered your call. We are here for you.

KB: You are causing a lot of anguish among the masses.

Covid19: That is not my purpose. I am a strong ally. People choose to fear me. What would happen if fear we’re not your mass choice? I would have a very different effect on your collective.

KB: What gifts do you offer?

Covid19: Many…Many. Of course, it is always your choice to accept them or not. I offer these and many more:

· Awakening all humans simultaneously

· Clearing (culling) excesses

· Greening/bluing of your beautiful planet earth

· A jump in your species to Homo Espiritu

· New ways of being/caring/creating community

· Reset

· Global compassion and heart connection

· Advances in healing technologies

· Opening of hearts

· Path to ascension

KB: What warnings or cautions do you bring

Covid19: The obvious is that we can kill you and you label that “dangerous.”

Conditions are such now that I and many like me, what you would call “relatives” of mine, can thrive. You may find a way to deal with me but there are many like me that can run through your species.

It’s not a “war“ you want to engage with the viruses…You will lose such a battle. There are many more of us than you… And you are quite vulnerable as beings especially as attached to your intellect/mind that you are. Look toward harmony rather than domination. It’s time for a “mindset-to-heartset “ change.

Your medicine ways are very antiquated. Look toward the plant kingdom and the galactic systems for advanced tools. You’re asleep here thinking your ways of “dealing with us“ will ever work on mass scales.

DIAL BACK. Learn about how other communal animal families live. Wolves, in particular, only produce enough offspring to keep balance within their communities, food supply, space (areas on earth) and ability to provide for each other.

Your separation is destroying you. Meanwhile, I thrive.

KB: And so what’s your purpose?

Covid19: Our purpose is to multiply grow and flourish. Like you, we are DNA-based (that’s why we can flourish on you as host). We have the ability to come together, to combine and in fact, we baffle those who try to scientifically understand us and where we came from etc. We pre-date you.

We are, in ways, much more advanced than humans in that we know how to work as a collective and happily combine from a variety of sources to thrive. Perhaps another lesson we can share. We are quite, as you would say, “clever“ in this way. We can insert ourselves into our hosts genome (after we copy it first). We are most adaptive. While you don’t consider us living beings we are advanced entities that have the technology to enter your body, copy your DNA and replicate/infect. An elegant system indeed.

KB: What about Crystalline DNA?

Covid19: The 12/144 strand is a different environment. We thrive in serving the lower realms where fear and excesses reign.

KB: Is there a last piece of advice you would like to offer us as an ally?

Covid19: We thrive on fear. It opens you to our entry, genome reading and rapid replication. The greater the fear, the lower your resistance and the better for us to carry out our purpose.

KB: Thank You

Covid19: Gratitude is foreign to us…

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